Yes, we love psychology and the dynamics of the human mind.

In life we all go through ups and downs. Life can be very uncertain. However, expressing our emotions and feelings and talking about what is going through in our mind does help.

Contact us and we will listen and try our best to work with you and come up with solutions.

You will be talking with someone with empathy and realises that life is not a bed of roses, however, the human spirit is a miracle in that if one puts their mind to focus on living life to the fullest, anything is possible in any situation.

If you want to talk and need a shoulder to lean on, please make contact with us by completing the contact form below. We can video call or have a telephonic conversation. We will not charge you for our time, however we humbly ask if you could directly donate any amount of your choice to our NPO (bank details below) which focuses on fighting hunger, poverty and depression in our country.

Together we can make a positive difference!

Account Holder : Speedy Speed npo

Bank : FNB

Account Number : 62628682008

Account Type : Cheque

Branch Code : 250 655

Reference : Your full name



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