12V 1000W Pure Sinewave Power Inverter with Charger- SunMagic


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12V 1000W Pure Sinewave Power Inverter with Charger- SunMagic


Keep your devices running during power outages!

This product needs a battery to work (Not included)

When this inverter is running or charging, the fan will rotate to dissipate heat
And makes noise.

Input Voltage: DC 12V
Working Voltage: DC 9.5V – 15.5V
Input Current: 83.33A
Conversion Efficiency: >90%
Continuous Power: 1000W
Peak Power: 2000W
Output Voltage: 220-230V
Output Current: 9.1A
Output Frequency: 50Hz
Charging Current: 8A
Thermal Protection: less or equal 70 degree

Operating Temperature: 0 degree ~ 40 degree
Cooling: By Smart Fan
Under Voltage: 9+-1V
Over Voltage: 15.5+-1V

Under voltage: LED Red Light, Buzzer alarm, automatic recovery
Over voltage: LED Red Light, automatic recovery
Overload High Temperature: LED red Light, automatic recovery
Reverse connect: Blown fuse

The cases below are not covered:
Effects and damages because of loss, theft, fire, water, or a natural disaster.
Failure or damage caused by improper use, carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, or accidents)
Failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification.

What’s in the box
1 x 12V 1000W Power Inverter with power cable ( SA Plug)
1 x red battery clamp and cable
1 x black battery clamp and cable


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